Lighthouse Revision History
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Version 10.0.11

September 13, 2012


·         The Student Data Sheet report was not always showing the correct active enrollment status for a student.  This issue has been resolved.



Version 10.0.9/10.0.10

August 16, 2012


·         The Indian DOE-RT report has been updated to support the latest specifications

·         The Spreadsheet function now ignores errors that occur loading its persisted settings.


Version 10.0.8

July 26, 2012


·         A tweak was made to the Lighthouse Import process to guard against null values causing the student update process to fail.


Version 10.0.7

July 17, 2012


·         The NJ Smart “Staff” submission was omitting a teacher if that teacher had its first course occurrence missing a subject code and other necessary information required for export.  This has been corrected.


Version 10.0.5/10.0.06

June 19, 2012


·         A few more changes were made to the NJ Smart Student Course and Staff submissions.


Version 10.0.4

June 7, 2012


·         A change was made to the NJ Smart Student Course Submission to handle a schedule-based export instead of the standard grades-based export.


Version 10.0.3

June 4, 2012


·         A new LocalID field was added to teacher records in order to support certain export functionality.


Version 10.0.2

May 21, 2012


·         The “Fix Data Entry Errors” utility could, on rare occasions, not display the results of the search in the grid.  This has been corrected.


Version 10.0.1

May 17, 2012


·         A new automatic student ID generation system has been implemented.  This system automates the process of assigning ID numbers to the State ID and Local ID fields.

·         The new NJ Smart Student Course and Staff Course exports have been implemented.


Version 10.0.0

March 19, 2012


·         Initial release