Lighthouse Revision History
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Version 5.0.37

August 3, 2010


·         Our hosting provider made some hardware and software changes to in order to increase capacity and improve performance.  These changes affected our upload process, and this update makes the necessary changes to communicate with the new hardware.



Version 5.0.36

June 17, 2008


·         Printing report card labels for four marking periods at a time was not working properly and has been fixed.


Version 5.0.35

June 3, 2008


·         The New Jersey state exporting system has been updated to reflect the latest Portal 2.0 changes


Version 5.0.34

May 16, 2008


·         The Indiana DOE-ME report has now uses the “out of district” enrollment checkbox to allow exporting of students not enrolled into the attendance system.


Version 5.0.33

May 5, 2008


·         The Indiana DOE-AD report has been updated to conform to the latest file layout specifications.  This includes adding a new field on the Programs tab of the student list for technical proficiency.

·         When printing transcripts some students missing an address may print some internal “code” instead of a blank address.  This issue has been corrected.


Version 5.0.32

April 30, 2008


·         The Field Manager was not allowing an adjustment to be made to the text size field for user fields.  In addition, certain editing sequences resulted in an error during saving.  These issues have been corrected.


Version 5.0.31

April 11, 2008


·         The daily attendance summary report has been enhanced to provide an alternate “average daily attendance” calculation method to assist those schools that have half-day enrollment or have sets of students with different school calendars.

·         Teacher Client:  The submission of attendance now specifically reports any errors that were encountered

·         Teacher Client:  Full year courses that did not have any students in the first semester were not being shown when entering progress reports.  This problem has been fixed.


Version 5.0.30

March 18, 2008


·         When entering immunization record dates an audible feedback is now provided when an entry is invalid.

·         Printing a student’s demographic sheet was not including the child’s photograph when using a Virtual Folder.  This issue has been corrected.


Version 5.0.29

March 7, 2008


·         The Indiana DOE-ECABARCODE report has been modified to correct a problem with placing an extra comma – and thus an extra field – when the student had an exceptionality code.


Version 5.0.28

February 25, 2008


·         A change was made to the NJ Smart December 1st export to fix a warning about the IEP start date coming before the IEP meeting date.

·         Importing an Excel or Text file with the bottom six fields mapped was causing an error to be generated.  This issue has been resolved.


Version 5.0.27

January 15, 2008


·         Several new fields were added to the ‘Programs’ tab on the student list to support special education state exports.

·         When adding courses to a student’s schedule, courses that were set to not show up for entry were being displayed.  This issue has been fixed.

·         When importing gradebook averages an error would occur if the Teacher ID field was missing.  This has been resolved.

·         The Teacher ID number can now be seen at the top of the ‘Edit Teacher’ window.


Version 5.0.26

December 28, 2007


·         The automatic calculation for semester grades now has some additional controls, such as the ability for a grade to halt the process (defined in Lists=>Marks) and to specify a minimum number of grades that must be present in order to perform the calculation (defined in Lists=>Marking Periods).


Version 5.0.25

December 20, 2007


·         The Indiana ECA Barcode report (DOE-ECABAR) has been added.

·         Attendance reports have been upgraded so that when duplicate student names are encountered the reports correctly total each student separately.

·         When uploading to the yes/no status of user-defined demographic fields were not being saved.  This issue has been resolved.

·         In the Discipline Management screen all text fields now support the right-click menu to copy/paste.

·         The Daily Disciplinary Events report now allows selecting which student(s) to print.

·         The Enter (Enroll) Students screen was producing an error if no un-enrolled students were found.  This problem has been fixed.


Version 5.0.24

October 22, 2007


·         When creating a gradebook file from the Teacher Client, students without a State ID# will now be exported with the Local ID#.  If both the State ID# and Local ID# are missing, an internal ID# is used.


Version 5.0.23

October 22, 2007


·         The Indiana DOE-FD (Full Day Kindergarten) report has been updated to only export those students enrolled on the date you select.  Prior to this the program was exporting all FD kindergarten students.


Version 5.0.22

October 19, 2007


·         The Indiana DOE-GR report has been further tweaked due to an error from the last update that prevented the report from completing.


Version 5.0.21

October 18, 2007


·         Searching for a student by ID number was generating an error if the ID was a very large number.  This problem has been fixed.

·         The NJSmart state export was incorrectly setting a BirthState for foreign students.  This was causing an error when uploaded to the state and has been corrected.

·         The Indiana DOE-GR report has been updated to reflect the latest changes.  Specifically, a new field was added for ASC Graduates.  Since we do not maintain that field in Lighthouse, append ‘;asc’ to the DiplomaType field in order to specify that a student is an ASC Graduate.


Version 5.0.20

October 15, 2007


·         The NJSmart state export was adding a carriage return/line feed after the 2nd to last field.  This issue has been fixed.

·         Importing gradebook grades into the Teacher Client now adheres to the “grade conversion method” as set in the main program.  This means that if you’ve instructed the program to enforce Letter Grade entry, the imported gradebook grades will now do so.


Version 5.0.19

October 11, 2007


·         When importing Lighthouse Gradebook grades into the Teacher Client, numerical grades above the configured maximum allowed points were being reported as an error and skipped.  This process has been tweak, and now the grade is adjusted to the max (typically 100).


Version 5.0.18

October 10, 2007


·         Some tweaks were made to the Teacher Client’s importing of averages from the Gradebook.  Specifically, when making use of course overrides the course and student matchups were not always accurate.  This issue has been fixed.


Version 5.0.17

October 4, 2007


·         The Student Summary report for daily attendance has been tweaked so that status dates are shown for all categories and not just the first.

·         The Health Record report now shows all of the visit reason, even if it extends to a new line.

·         The Student List was producing an error if the users security such that the user does not have permission to view any tabs.


Version 5.0.16

September 26, 2007


·         When entering discipline referrals in the teacher client, the student name would disappear when moving away from that field.  This problem has been corrected.



Version 5.0.15

September 21, 2007


·         The “filter” screen now lists the field names alphabetically

·         The Nurse Visit Log report was printing the Check Out time the same as the Check In time, and has been corrected. 

·         Nurse visit items were not properly saving the “injury” checkbox status.  This issue has been resolved.

·         Creating a gradebook file in the teacher client now populates a course roster even if the course is an override.

·         The gradebook import process in the teacher client has been had some of the wording changes to make it easier to understand several of the available options.


Version 5.0.14

September 19, 2007


·         The NJ Smart export has been updated to conform to their latest specifications.  Specifically, several new fields were added (migrant status, free/reduced lunch, enrollment type and special education status).

·         The length of the Cell phone field has been increased to allow up to 30 characters.

·         The Indiana state reports have been brought up-to-date


Version 5.0.13

September 13, 2007


·         The global update, when affecting students from a saved query, was improperly updating all student records.  This problem has been fixed.

·         Saving a query that contained a user-defined date field and a condition of “is null” or “is not null” was not saving properly, and has been corrected.

·         The File=>Import process now allows you to prevent adding new student records to the database.  This is useful if you want to update some pieces of student data from a source that may contain extra students (such as last year’s data files).

·         Several attendance reports, namely the Attendance Summary and Category Summary, now have an option to page eject between top-level groupings.


Version 5.0.12

September 4, 2007


·         The “Upload to” function has been updated to work with the new website server.


Version 5.0.11

August 23, 2007


·         Filtering students in Lists=>Students using “contains” was not working correctly, and has been fixed.

·         When entering class attendance in the teacher client, selecting a student was not updating the student’s photo.  This issue has been resolved.

·         In the teacher client, when multiple dates are “opened” for attendance entry, selecting a date from the dropdown list was displaying a message about the date no longer being available.  This problem has been fixed.


Version 5.0.10

August 17, 2007


·         Filtering the student query or any “filter…” screen for an empty date was not working as intended.  This has been corrected and you can now use “is null”, “is not null”, “is empty”, or “is not empty” on date fields.

·         The File=>Export function was generating an error and has been fixed.

·         The homeroom and teacher name fields have been added to the “Info View” tab of the student list.

·         Attempting to add a note to a transcript item in excess of 50 characters was generating an error when saving the record.  The limit to the number of characters has been increased to 200 and the error corrected.

·         The Student List’s “sheet view” report, such as when clicking the preview button in the student list, was sometimes not including the student’s address unless all address fields were filled in.  This has been fixed.

·         The report card label report can now accommodate up to 4 marking periods (up from 3).

·         When trying to change the status on the Enter (Enroll Students) screen an error was being generated.  This problem has been resolved.

·         When changing the schedule parameters and decreasing the number of blocks in the year, there was a potential for the process to modify the master schedule in a way that was not intended.  The result was either missing sections or sections meeting at incorrect times.  This problem has been fixed.



Version 5.0.9

July 18, 2007


·         The Indiana DOE-EXSU (Suspension and Expulsion) report was producing warnings and errors for discipline interactions that should not have been included in the search, such as Detentions.  This problem has been resolved.


Version 5.0.8

July 17, 2007


·         Selecting the ‘Filter’ option on many student selection screens would result in a message about the query no longer containing the selected fields.  This issue has been fixed.


Version 5.0.7

July 16, 2007


·         The StateID and LocalID fields, when trying to be included on certain reports (e.g. schedules, report cards, transcript) were not displaying.  This issue has been fixed.

·         Testing codes printed on the transcript would omit the score if it was the same as the prior test’s score.

·         Some of the dropdown fields on the general tab were not showing a list of data.  This problem has been resolved.


Version 5.0.6

July 12, 2007


·         The Indiana DOE-DC (Direct Certification) report has had a correction made to the file layout.


Version 5.0.5

July 5, 2007


·         The NJ Smart export has been updated to conform to their latest specifications.  Specifically, students without an SID are now exported so that the state can assign an ID.


Version 5.0.4

May 31, 2007


·         User-defined fields that contained spaced were not appearing as additional fields on certain reports (namely schedules, report cards and transcripts).

·         The “info view” tab of the general tab now displays the parents’ names and phone numbers.

·         The “info view” tab now correctly calculates the student’s age.

·         Adding a new user-defined field now prevents invalid characters and duplicate field names.

·         Pressing F9/F10 to move from student-to-student was not working and has been fixed.

·         The report card and transcript “Class Rank” reports can now be printed in rank or alphabetical order.


Version 5.0.3

May 31, 2007


·         Importing new students was not working correctly and would leave the new student’s information blank, often causing an “Invalid use of Null” error message.  This problem has been resolved.

·         Updating student data on the user-defined fields tab was generating a “Syntax Error” if the field name contained certain punctuation.  This has been corrected.


Version 5.0.2

May 22, 2007


·         The class attendance area on the Student List screen was not sizing correctly and resulting in a very small area in which to work.  This has been corrected.

·         The Indiana state reports have been brought up-to-date


Version 5.0.1

May 15, 2007


·         A spelling mistake has been corrected on the login status in the teacher client.

·         On the “Info” tab of the student list’s general tab, students were incorrectly showing as “Inactive but enrolled”.  This issue has been corrected.

·         When entering daily attendance using Activities=>Enter Daily Attendance, in some cases the selection of students and statuses was not behaving correctly.  We’ve put some measures in place to help correct this problem.

·         User-defined fields with spaces in their names were not appearing on certain reports, such as student schedules, report cards, transcripts and book fees.  This has been fixed.


Version 5.0.0

May 1, 2007


·         Initial release