Lighthouse Revision History
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Version 6.0.30

August 3, 2010


·         Our hosting provider made some hardware and software changes to in order to increase capacity and improve performance.  These changes affected our upload process, and this update makes the necessary changes to communicate with the new hardware.



Version 6.0.29

January 12, 2010


·         When accepting a discipline referring and attempting to print the resulting incident, a printing error was being displayed and the report was not generated.  This has been corrected.


Version 6.0.28

February 19, 2009


·         The transcript Class Rank was calculating students who received courses with zero attempted and passing credit (not common) differently than other parts of the program.  This issue has been resolved and the GPA and Rank is now consistent throughout the entire transcript system.


Version 6.0.27

February 17, 2009


·         The Indiana DOE-ECA report was updated to adhere to the latest round of layout changes.


Version 6.0.26

December 24, 2008


·         A few demographic fields were not available for inclusion on student transcripts and have been added.


Version 6.0.25

December 8, 2008


·         The ‘Instructional Days’ and ‘Instructional Minutes’ fields were reversed in the student list and have been corrected.

·         The Contact Name and Contact Phone have been added to the ‘Info View’ of the student list screen.


Version 6.0.24

November 21, 2008


·         Student health records now always print nurse visits in chronological order.

·         The student’s address on envelopes was sometimes printing off-center.  This issue has been corrected.


Version 6.0.23

November 3, 2008


·         The Class Rank report was not grouping students correctly and has been corrected.

·         The Student Summary report was not sorting by date correctly, and has been fixed.  In addition, printing an individual student’s attendance record from the Student List screen now prints in chronological order instead of being grouped by parent status.


Version 6.0.22

October 27, 2008


·         Printing report cards with additional demographic fields was only including the first field.  This issue has been resolved.


Version 6.0.21

October 21, 2008


·         Changes were made to the New Jersey state exports to conform to the latest round of specification changes.


Version 6.0.20

October 3, 2008


·         In some rare cases it could be possible to receive an error 94 when creating or importing a gradebook from the Teacher Client.  This issue has been corrected.

·         When exporting the NJSmart SID file, a student who is marked as non-US born (immigrant) will not export the Birth State field, even if it has been accidentally filled in.


Version 6.0.19

October 1, 2008


·         Uploading report cards to now allows for the uploading of pre-defined comments as well as teacher-free comments.

·         The “Home Corp” and “Serving Corp” dropdown lists have been sorted for the state of New Jersey.


Version 6.0.18

September 29, 2008


·         Changes were made to the New Jersey state exports to conform to the latest round of specification changes.

·         Changes were made to the Indiana state exports to conform to the latest round of specification changes.

·         When printing an individual envelope, the “omit” checkbox will now remember its last checked state.


Version 6.0.17

September 18, 2008


·         When adding or editing an individual transcript item for a students, the “attempted credit” and “passing credit” fields now allow up to 4 decimal places (up from 2).

·         The “Prior District” fields on the Enrollment tab of the student list now allows for 25 characters (up from 15).

·         The Teacher Client now displays grade when viewing individual student progress reports.

·         The Word Process now makes the LocalID field available for use.

·         The Teacher Client was sometimes not allowing progress report grades to be imported from the Lighthouse Gradebook.  This issue has been corrected.


Version 6.0.16

September 12, 2008


·         When reviewing discipline referrals using Activities=>Review Discipline Referrals, a referral will no longer be “accepted” if you click Cancel on the Add Interaction screen.  It is therefore now acceptable to “review” a referral, click Cancel, and save the referral for later.

·         Two new fields have been added for “LEP Start Date” and “LEP End Date” in preparation for the October 15th submission of the New Jersey state export files.

·         It is no longer possible to add test scores if the test definitions have not been first created using Lists=>Testing. 

·         When entering progress report grades in the Teacher Client the Mark was not being saved unless a comment was also added.  This issue has been resolved.


Version 6.0.15

September 4, 2008


·         When attempting to add a new line for student immunizations the name would be cleared and the new item could not be added.  This issue has been fixed.

·         In the Student Query, user-defined fields containing spaces were not working correctly from the “all fields” group.  In addition, such fields might not save and load properly.   These problems have been addressed.

·         The Student Query now has the ability to include student health record items such as allergies, diseases, immunizations, injuries and nurse visits.


Version 6.0.14

September 2, 2008


·         Gradebooks that were created with the Teacher Client version 6.0.10 and later were not able to be opened in the Gradebook program.  This problem has been corrected.


Version 6.0.13

August 25, 2008


·         Importing students from another school using Lighthouse now offers an option to not import student demographic records.  This makes it easier to merge records from another school when your demographic data might have already been modified.


Version 6.0.12

August 20, 2008


·         When printing individual student envelopes the program now prompts for the destination printer instead of assuming the default Windows printer.

·         Importing students from another school using Lighthouse now allows updating students that already exist in your database.


Version 6.0.11

August 20, 2008


·         Changes were made to the Indiana state exports to adhere to the latest round of specification changes.


Version 6.0.11

August 20, 2008


·         Changes were made to the Indiana state exports to adhere to the latest round of specification changes.


Version 6.0.10

August 15, 2008


·         The Teacher Client has been updated to support some of the new features found in Gradebook V2.

·         Testing scores can now be entered in text or numerical format, allowing such grades as “Pass”, “Fail” or “Inc”.  Additionally, each for each testing code you can now define the format of the date as printed on transcripts.


Version 6.0.9

July 25, 2008


·         On the Course List, clicking the Filter button was generating a program error and has been fixed.

·         The Teacher Client now supports a command-line switch of “/d” to allow directly opening a database, instead of using the last database.  This allows setting up multiple icons on the desktop to support multiple databases.


Version 6.0.8

July 22, 2008


·         Printing individual envelopes from the Student List screen was sometimes leaving the last character off the zip code or word.  This issue has been resolved.


Version 6.0.7

July 16, 2008


·         The teacher client, depending on which functions were made available, could have the tabs not properly aligned with the correct screen.  This problem has been corrected.


Version 6.0.6

July 9, 2008


·         The New Jersey state export June 30 and Oct 15 data submissions now only exports those students who are enrolled as of the snapshot date.



Version 6.0.5

June 23, 2008


·         The class count total printed on the student transcripts was not adhering to the new system of being able to exclude certain students from the ranking.  This has been fixed.  Additionally, the Class List screen now includes the student count for ranking purposes as well as the ‘roster’ list showing more detailed information than before.

·         The new ‘student transfer’ function was producing an ‘invalid use of null’ error during import under certain conditions and have been corrected.


Version 6.0.4

June 19, 2008


·         When printing transcripts the class rank, GPA and total credits were printing the same for each student.  This was a problem introduced in the initial Version 6 release and has been corrected.

·         Printing a student list report was producing an error message under certain conditions and has been resolved.



Version 6.0.3

June 17, 2008


·         Printing report card labels for four marking periods at a time was not working properly and has been fixed.

·         The New Jersey state SID export was not properly recognizing T9 and TC exit codes.  This issue has been corrected.

·         When adding a new field in the Field Manager if the new field was set as ‘Teacher Visible’ it was not being saved properly and the field would not be added.   This problem has been fixed.


Version 6.0.2

June 4, 2008


·         The New Jersey state exporting system has been updated to reflect the latest Portal 2.0 changes

·         After creating a brand new database with v6.0.1 the student list would not open and an error generated.  This issue has been corrected.

·         The program registration process has been updated to provide better support for Windows Vista’s tight security system.


Version 6.0.1

May 8, 2008


·         The new function that transfers students from one school to another now includes student health records and nurse visits.

·         The icons for the main program and teacher client were showing the graphic for “v5”.  This has been fixed.

·         When the “Active” field was included in the list of fields selected for display on the student list screen, no students were appearing in the list.  This problem has been corrected.

·         The Indiana DOE-AD report has been updated to conform to the latest file layout specifications.  This includes adding a new field on the Programs tab of the student list for technical proficiency.

·         When printing transcripts some students missing an address may print some internal “code” instead of a blank address.  This issue has been corrected.

·         Queries saved in prior versions of Lighthouse were not loading properly, due to an unforeseen issue with the folder layout changes, and has been fixed.

·         Some tweaks were made to the way in which the “review attendance” screens respond to internal events, which may help speed up certain processes - such as entering attendance or updating student records - while having those screens open.


Version 6.0.0

April 16, 2008


·         Initial release